The Beginning

The struggle of keeping up with a blog.

I have felt it before.  I’m sure most of you have felt it before.

It’s time to end the struggle.

On here, you’ll find many adventures of my daily goings-on.  I’d like to particularly stress my crafting expeditions because….well, that’s what I do best.  But I’m going to smuggle in some miscellaneous posts as well–posts about school, life, work, etc.

My goal is for readers to find someone to relate to.  I’m not a perfect human being by any means.  I’m not superwoman.  I’m just an average young woman, trying to succeed in all parts of my life.  I struggle and I fail.  There are many times where I take two steps forward but then five steps back.  We’ve all been there.  Maybe some of you ARE there.  But we will come out on top.

Follow me to see how I fall…then rise again.


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